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The Invasion of Upper Canada


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War of 1812 Grand Tactical
The Invasion of Upper Canada
October 1-2, 2011


Fanshawe Village and Conservation Authority offers a near unspoiled location to bring history to life. Fanshawe Village contains over 30 buildings in a timeline setting which offers a perfect anchor for 1812 activities. Sutlers, entertainers and artisans occupy the village centre and assist in bringing life to the scene.
Period camps ring the village and Tecumseh field offers one of the few locations where a Crown Forces regulation camp can be created. An artillery park and militia camp surround the Crown Forces camp and a common parade ground allows for the hoisting of both British and U.S. colours.
The site is near the route General Duncan McArthur took during his raids of the area in November of 1814.
Nearest battle sites
Westbrook's Ambush (August 30, 1814) 19km(12m) southwest.
Battle of Longwoods (March 4, 1814) - 88km(54m) southwest.
Battle of Malcolm's Mills (November 6, 1814) - 85km(53m) east.
Burning of Port Dover (May 15, 1814) - 100km(75m) southeast.
Documentation Requirements
United States visitors to Canada should have a valid U.S. passport, passport card or enhanced Driver's License.
Breakfast with coffee, tea and juice provided to re-enactors Saturday and Sunday.
Showers and restrooms
Numerous lighted portable washrooms with wash stand located adjacent to the period camping areas. Indoor facilities located within the Village Cafe. Showers available in the Conservation area campground and short walk to the south.
Water, Firewood, Straw
Water and good dry firewood will be available. Potable water will be available at various locations. Firewood and straw will be located near the camps.
There are no fees to come and set up as a sutler. Sutlers are considered a valuable addition to the event and are encouraged to attend.
Period camps
Modern camping in group camping
Nearby hotels
              -Airport Inn and Suites - Dundas Street
              -numerous hotels downtown or at Wellington and 401
A small monetary amount is provided for powder expenditure for those who bring and use period artillery. A mileage allowance is paid for those who bring and use period watercraft.
-Just off Highway 401 at London, Ontario
2 hours 35 minutes from Detroit.
2 hours 45 minutes from Buffalo.
2 hours 25 minutes from Toronto.
-Boarder crossing at Detroit/Windsor
                                   Sarnia/Point Edward
                                   Buffalo/Fort Erie
                                   Niagara Falls
-London International Airport with direct flights from Toronto, Detroit, Chicago. Taxi service from the airport to Fanshawe 8.2km(5.1m).                             
Restaurants, shopping, gas
-nearest restaurants, shopping and gas located 5.9km(3.7m) southwest at Highbury Ave. and Huron St.
We hope you enjoy your stay at the Invasion of Upper Canada at Fanshawe Pioneer Village and encourage you to visit again. We have endeavoured to make this event one of the most enjoyable, unique and interesting you have experienced.


The Invasion of Upper Canada         Fanshawe Village - London, Ontario  519-457-1296