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The Invasion of Upper Canada


     Between March and the middle of August 1814 American forces were sent into western Upper Canada to destroy property in an attempt to reduce the ability of the region to support the British army in the area. Communities such as Patterson's Creek, Charlotteville (Turkey Point), Port Talbot, Long Point and Port Dover in western Upper Canada saw the destruction of their public buildings, grain mills, private homes and barns at the hands of the raiding American parties. Even crops in the fields and cattle were destroyed.

   The area between Fort Malden, at Amherstburg, and Burlington Heights, present day Hamilton, were virtually defenseless to attack. Following the Battle of Lake Erie, in September of 1813, and the battle of Longwoods in March of 1814 the area of western Upper Canada, southwestern Ontario, had been abandoned.


   The recreated historic pioneer village of Fanshawe, in London, Ontario, becomes one of these communities during the War of 1812 weekend event known as Fanshawe 1812 - The Invasion of Upper Canada. American forces are in the area and the detachments of British units attempt to hold them back. With the aide of local militia and natives they engage in battle. The outcome is always uncertain.


   Living history, alive, well and also entertaining, explosive and dynamic. The War of 1812 returns to Fanshawe Pioneer Village in a representation of what occurred in this area almost two centuries ago.


   In 1812 the city of London did not exist but this does not stop the village , and re-enactors from all over Ontario and parts of the United States from depicting life during such a vibrant time in our areas history. In June of 1812 the United States declared war against Great Britain, resulting in a three years struggle for control of the high seas and the north american continent.


     The War of 1812 in North America was a small event in the global struggles of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, but one that was important to the shaping of our country as it is today and the relations we have with our neighbours to the south. It was also a conflict which occured right on the doorstep of the area of southwestern Ontario. This is our history and it happened here and not in some far off land. War was waged on our soil against us and our citizens.



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